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Spray 'Em Away

Spray 'Em Away offers powerful, tangible tools for children and adults dealing with stressful, scary, hurtful and controversial matters that foster open communication so that self-esteem and pride are stregthened. We have 4 uplifting aromatherapy sprays which give kids, teens, parents & teachers a way to start conversations about subjects, like bullying, that can be hard for kids to talk about.  Our room sprays help provide and produce a comfortable, calm and peaceful environment in which kids & teens can discuss issues with those close to them,

  • Spray 'Em Away Bullies 
  • Spray 'Em Away Mean Girls
  • Spray 'Em Away Drama Queens
  • Spray 'Em Away Monsters
Faye Tait
faye@sprayemaway.com, (480) 220-3300
Faye Tait, the creator, brings a wealth of experience to Spray 'Em Away. She has been the President of two non-profits, The Junior League of Phoenix and Golden Gate Community Center Guild, she served as her sons' Cub Scout Leader for 5 years, owned MOMBOMB boutique for 8 years and is married to Tom. Through these life experiences Faye has witnessed first hand the affects of bullying and has watched children stricken with fear and grief from behaviors such as this. This is when Faye made the decision to raise awareness and help empower children and parents with the tools she has beautifully named, Spray Em Away. We realize you may not be able to Spray Away the actual Bullies and Mean Girls in our lives but we can Spray Away our fear and anger, to open the conversations and find our Happy Place. Faye is mother to Thomas, Jackie & Graham and is passionate about helping others in her community and reducing the bullying and mean girl epidemic plaguing 13 million students every year.
A portion of proceeds from the sale of Spray 'Em Away Bullies and Spray 'Em Away Mean Girls benefit The National Bully Prevention Center.
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"My daughter uses Mean Girls spray and it has really become the go-to tool for her to begin the de-stressing process after a tough day at school. Each day she comes home and sprays a little in her room, and relaxes. It has helped her calm down so much that she is recommending it to her friends. Because she has been bullied by mean girls over the past 4 years, we have sought various methods to help her combat these issues. Counseling and exercise have helped, but having Mean Girls Spray helps us continue the valuable conversations we have learned to have between us. Each time I smell the spray, I know she is actively working to calm down and find peace. I know I can approach her with a timely hug and have that lead in to her telling me about her day. It allows me to intervene without being intrusive; I earn and keep her trust and she knows she can come to me for help with the day’s problems, even if those problems are mean girls"
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