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25 Feb '16

Testimonial: Lory

Posted by Faye Tait

Hi Faye!!! I just wanted to share our story with you.

So this just happened...I bought the Mean Girls Spray and the Bullies Spray for my boys (7 & 6 yrs old). I didn't say anything, but I just left them on the counter. My 6 year old walked over to it and asked, "What is that?" I told him what it was and he said, "Oh, does it work?" Of course I said yes! He the. Asked me to spray him. My 7 year old was watching the whole thing and asked if he could get sprayed too. We immediately went on our way to their baseball game, and there was this new excitement in them I hadn't seen before. Almost like they were wearing a shield or a cape! It was magical. The next morning we were leaving for school and both boys asked if they could get sprayed before we left. They told me all the people they were hoping it would protect them from. This opened a whole new door of communication. They normally don't talk about this. It was amazing. My husband was listening too...we were both amazed. And SO GRATEFUL. I have tears just thinking about how "invincible" they felt with this spray on! Oh, and apparently boys need Bullies AND Mean Girls Spray! What a great way to connect with kids and ignite their confidence.

Thank you so much. As a mama bear, I am forever grateful. Lory

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