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25 Feb '16

Testimonial: Hannah

Posted by Faye Tait

Hello my name is Hannah, I’m 14 years old, and I am a fan of Mean Girls Spray. I was bullied since the 5thgrade, and when I got to high school, I thought moving away from the people who bullied me would help. So, I moved to a smaller high school than everyone else in my graduating class. My mom then met the creator of Mean Girls Spray. She told her my story, and I got a sample of it. When I first sprayed it, it made me feel a sense of peace and calm. It was like I could tell my story to anyone. After that first spray, I use it whenever a friend comes over, or I spray a little when I get home from school. All my friends love the Mean Girls Spray too.  I think everyone who tries this spray will love it. It’ll help so many people open up with their problems. It’ll make you feel safe and bring a sense of peace over you. It is truly an invention that will revolutionize people everywhere.

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