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Mean Girls Spray

Mean Girls Spray

$ 14.95

Spray 'Em Away offers powerful, tangible tools for children and adults dealing with stressful, scary, hurtful and controversial matters that foster open communication so that self-esteem and pride are strengthened.

Mean Girls Spray gives kids, teens, parents & teachers a way to start a conversation about subjects, like bullying, that can be hard for kids to talk about. Our aromatherapy mean girl spray can help provide and produce a comfortable, calm and peaceful environment in which kids & teens can discuss issues with those close to them.  We realize you may not be able to "spray away" the actual bullies and mean girls in our lives, but we can Spray Away our fear and anger, to open the conversations and work toward  finding our "Happy Place."

Read what Hannah thinks of her Mean Girls Spray!

Hello my name is Hannah, I’m 14 years old, and I am a fan of Mean Girls Spray. I was bullied since the 5th grade, and when I got to high school, I thought moving away from the people who bullied me would help. So, I moved to a smaller high school than everyone else in my graduating class. My mom met the creator of Mean Girls Spray. She told her my story, and I got a sample of it. When I first sprayed it, it made me feel a sense of peace and calm. It was like I could tell my story to anyone. After that first spray, I use it whenever a friend comes over, or I spray a little when I get home from school. All my friends love the Mean Girls Spray too.  I think everyone who tries this spray will love it. It’ll help so many people open up with their problems. It’ll make you feel safe and bring a sense of peace over you. It is truly an invention that will revolutionize people everywhere.

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