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Our Mission

At Spray 'Em Away, our motto is "Problems Solved!"

We offer a product line that facilitates meaningful conversations with kids about bullying and other important life issues. Through the language of empowerment we help create a supportive environment for children to heal, understand, and grow. We currently have four uplifting aromatherapy sprays, these products give kids, teens, teachers and parents a way to start conversations about subjects, like bullying, that can be hard for kids to talk about. Our room sprays help provide and produce a comfortable, calm, and peaceful environment in which children can discuss issues with those close to them.

We are based out of Phoenix, AZ and strive to bring an end to bullying. We support various charities including: the National Bully Prevention Center (PACER), Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, and The Make a Wish Foundation. 

The mission of Spray 'Em Away is to offer powerful, tangible tools for children and adults dealing with stressful, scary, hurtful, and controversial matters that foster open communication so that self-esteem and pride are strengthened. 

Spray 'Em Away Fragrances
-Include quality natural ingredients
-Benefit charities, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the charities stated on each bottle of Spray 'Em Away, including but not limited to: Make A Wish Foundation; The National Bully Prevention Center; Big Brothers Big Sisters.
-Cruelty free.
-Recyclable container.
-Manufactured & invented by a Mom in the USA.

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